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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  February 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a neighbor told us that pickup truck slamd in another
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questioned and no word words. ourcrew member is there to gather more information. a school tart today but certainly not as cold as yesterday. right now we are looking at temperatures intuper 40s to lower 50s. a few cool spots out there. >> temperatures, we are at 39, you will skyrocket by 70 degrees this afternoon. a nice set up for the weekend there. get outside if you are going to be having your lunch across the area. you do not want to stay in doors. a kickoff a decent weekend. there are some changes. i will talk about that in a few minutes.
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janelle has beenlooking at traffic all morning and she will tell me what to expect. the man you see behind us is a monster. one everyparents want to keep their kids away from. the suspectused the app kick, he sent one of those girls a quick message. those messages kept on getting worse and worsewhen she did not respond that can. lucas bail lives inpolk county >> he's friendly to me >> their investigation started
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dad--he used the name south flad florida guy. >> he made it a really real threat that he knew where she lives and he's going to have people come to her house >> he try to get her to sent names and addresses of other girls. the victim's father pretended to be her and immediately contact detectives. >> bail use asked for nude pictures. he's charged with anumber of felonies. there are people out there all overthe world trying to pree on youryon your kids. the first thingyou can do is be
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>> if your child uses kick, you can check those messages. you can see the last 1000 messages for the past 48 hours or if the chat is older than that, you won't see any messages. abc action news. he also used the kick app to stalk children. 4:34. donald trump comes to tampa today for a big rally. >> if you don't have tickets, don't worry, we'll stream his visit live. >> you need to print off your ticket or show them on a mobile
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is going to be screened. >> weapons and noise makers. the door is opened at 5:00. >> having a ticket does not guarantee entry so make make sure you get there early. clinton sounded a lot like sanders referring to an economy rewarding the rich at the expense of middle class. >> we have to get unaccountable money. we have to domuch more to ensure that wall street never wrecks main street again. >> the clinton criticizes sanders that his plan did not add up. >> sanders responded and
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america pay big bucks for. >> >> our panel fact checkers call sanders' statement is mostly true. report shows difference in cost is maybe$395. >> one study found the u.s. is on par with canada when it came to generic drugs. we'll continue to follow this. well, this morning, tampa police need needs your help to identify this man. >> the deadly shooting at club rain. >> an unidentified gunman shooting eight people inside that club early sunday morning. two victims died and sofar police have not made any arrest.
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walked into--all victims the suspect fled and air forces didtrack him down five miles >> police don't have any than just a random attack. a semis nals man threatened to bomb up tp place. >> agents searched his home but did not find any explosives. >> court documents show he plans to plea giluilty to his crime. today, pasco county is make give giving you the opportunity that your children's teeth is
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port richey clinic. now, you don't need of an appointment. >> before the night of santiago boarding their float, the night will start their morning today dressing up visiting kids in all children's hospitals and giving away beads and other things. i want to toss now to ivan. >> what can we expect? >> temperatures in the low 50s and a long weekend for some kids and not all. monday. at 69. for not just the night parade but for valentine's day coming up in just a few minutes. >> thanks, ivan, a major win for thousands of homeowners. al construction company
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lawsuit for homes. >> steven opens up a little bit about his contract.
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five years ago, a st. pete woman met her companion.
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service dog. >> for danielle tate and her her faithful valentine. itwas love at first sight. >> i got sick and there is not a lot of treatments they can do. >> there was something valentine could do. >> danielle could pass out any moment. >> but life changed for danielle five years ago on valentine's day. >> she welcomes valentine into her life. >> valentine, come. >> i would not be able to work or go to school. i wouldnot be able to live on my own. >> now, it is valentine's who meet danielle. >> she's always making sure that i am okay and i feel
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feel i feel guilty that i cannot do anything about it. >> her heart is getting bigger and will kill her without surgery >> danielle is hoping with the community's help, the two could continue to safe each other and celebrate a few more valentine's day, together in st. pete, abc action news. sad news this morning, an 8 years old boy bravely fought cancer has died. >> this story went viral. with months to live, he found the love of his life, a classmate named ella and they went bowling together. this little boy beaten cancer three times and sadly the disease came back. ourthoughts are with the family right now. i want to checkin with ivan for a look at your forecast. >> temperature in the 40s and
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we'll warm things up for you. certainly yesterday yesterday we had temperatures all over the place. >> cooler along the coast and mid-60s. over night lowswill be in the upper 50s and a weak front moves in tomorrow and that'll keep us in the mid-60s. slightlycooler and the air behind is not all that cold. if youare headed out to the parade, there it is. 4:00, we arelooking at temperatures in upper--ir noft going you are not going to get there at 6:00 though. >> get there at 6:00 or earlier. there is this, a lotgoing on this weekend. valentine's day on sunday and temperature in the 50s and 60s here. >> it will be nice weather coming up with temperatures approaching 70 degrees. our next shot of good rain here will be monday night and tuesday early as the next front
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the chance of showers and nothing severe and then we clear out and temperatures get back to the upper 60s wednesday and thursday. >> let's get a check on the roads here. >> 4:46. 75 near bush boulevard and no problem right there. >> it is a busy spot and janelle martinez will watch it for you. for some bay area bridges can be terrified crossing sunshine sky way. >> abc action news, reporter michael got a firsthand look at how f-d.o.t. works to keep you and your family safe. >> you check with crashes and all that stuff and just kind of looking to see if anything catches my eyes. mostday this is bryce mcman's office. >> roger that.
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certified bridge inspector. >> he took up on the two years inspection of the water memorial bridge. >> did you get seasick? >> we'll find out. >> the pontoon boat is a queasy ride. >> they got most of all this stuff documented. >> for mcman, today is calm. and he has to look forproblems to report to his boss down below. >> james jacobson is as bridge engineer. his worse enemyis salt. >> it is better to catch it earlier overtime. salt watercan penetrate through the concrete and causes the concrete to break away. it is a good idea of how well they are doing in the district,
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the bay bridge is considered deficiency, thatmeans it needs to be replaced with 16, 000 cars coming across daily >> they are going to build i bigger and better. >> improve concrete that'll help the bridge lasts 75 years of life. in the meantime, if bridges have problems, inspections will be done more than every two years. >> we inspect it every year and every six months. >> the bridge in clear water is good to go, built in 2005. >> yeah, this bridge is in good shape >> according to a national report, 98% of all of florida's, more of 12, 000 bridges in good condition. >> it gives me pride that our infrastructures are in good shape. abc action news. >> well, we posted a list of all bay area bay bridge bridges and their conditions on our website.
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as tom ex explains, they are missing one of their best defense men tonight. >> good morning everybody, more intense heading into the night game for the predators. >> jason gar sewn, he's out of commission for three to five week. >> garrison hurt himself on the game on this morale right here. the lightning are calling abbott energy. indefense needs to step for tonight against nationals. >> something a little alarming here, we have given up four goals. we were fortunately enough to win those.
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yesterday he will have some answers and when the trade he does not think it is that time now. >> stamkos indicates he's involved in the process. >> this announcement came as a shocker. the he wanted to be closer to his family. >> darren hiller will replace holt and no official words as of yet >> next, your morning sports update. enjoy your day. what happens in vegas does not stay in vegas. >> coming up at 5:00. the over the top fun, one couple is accused of having on a fer
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n ferrsis wheel. >> coming up, the big surprise
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welcome back, you are up with abc. >> clear skies right now. a big difference fromyesterday here. looking pretty good and i think thatsets up a nice day today.
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approaching 70 degrees, upper 60s. >> as far as the temperatures, a pretty good spread right now. >> we'll watch a little patchy fog here across the interior areas. >> heads up if you will be traveling early this morning and across the tampa bay area. good shape. we'll check in with janelle. if you are looking for a unique place to bed down for tr night. >> how about the vincent van gogh's bedroom. >> the museum is renting out the room for $10 a night. the rating includes two tickets to the van gogh's exhibition which runs through the 10th. guys it is two days left
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out what you will get for your sweeties >> this year patrick says his wife always asks for cards but check out what he did. >> what would make a nice, big valentine's card. >> he surprised patty with a billboard this week that reads pat and patty forever of 27 years. you completeme, love pat. >> patty started tearing up when she saw the sign. >> he wanted to let her know how special she is and how great the past 27 years has been. >> he raised the bar. >> i can change that first name to dan. >> [ laughter ] >> that's from dan. >> the woman who says she may have caught that virus from a mosquito bite here in florida of the zika virus.
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we begin this 5:00 hour with bruin on a scene in river view where a truck crashed into
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cars. >> you may imagine a lot of destruction out there. >> investigators are trying to figure out how it happen. >> rodney is live riepth now. >> a pretty wild scene out there. >> reporter: investigators talking to them right now, trying to figure out what they know and this is a pretty active scene. >> let me show you this home of a clear picture of the damage and shortly after 2:00 this morning, a car came through a stop sign here and ran directly into this carport, get this, flipping on two vehicles and damageing third. the truck also damaged it as well. the driver ofthe truck tried to run away from the drash. crash >> they were able to hold him down. they are not sure atthp point,


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